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191: Battery Cover

February 12, 2020

Hey folks.

I bought this nice tuner/metronome at a thrift store for… $3 maybe? I forget exactly. It was cheap, though. It works perfectly, but it’s missing a battery cover.

Well, it was missing a battery cover. I replaced it, and now with this sleek wood-grain accessory, my little tuner is the envy of all his friends.

I wasn’t sure this was going to work at all, so I didn’t take any progress shots, but here are a few closeups of the final product.

Isn’t it too thin? Won’t it break?

Yes. Probably.
The shininess you see is a coating of polyurethane and superglue, in an attempt at strengthening it. Seems to be working OK. I also made sure the wood-grain ran in the same direction as the tabs, which would have been a great idea, if the tabs didn’t have to be cut so deep.

At the finished depth, the tabs are completely offset from the plane of the main body. So yes, two broke off and I glued them back on. They’re holding this time. I only really need one, anyway.

I obviously couldn’t make it as thin as the plastic would have been, but I got pretty close. The wood sticks out around the edges a bit, and in a couple places, where I needed thin tabs, I resorted to gluing on bits of plastic from some snack packaging.

It holds the batteries in, though.

Sure. The tape I was using before worked, too. But, this is… cooler? And, it gave me an opportunity to do some intricate chisel work — that became x-acto work as it progressed.

It seems like the new piece is strong enough, and the main thing this tuner does is sit still, so it’s probably fine. But, if it breaks I’ll just go back to using some tape.

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