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187: Instagram Drawings

November 15, 2015


About 5 years ago, I purchased a brand-used Wacom Cintiq tablet, for digital drawing and painting in Photoshop. It changed my life. As you know from previous posts, I like to draw. And I like to draw digitally even more, since having an undo function on your pen is the most useful tool known to man. So, that was a great purchase…

But the Cintiq is tethered to my desktop, so I can’t really draw on the go. They make very expensive Cintiq All-in-one tablets, that I lust over, and I’ve tried a bunch of pocket notebooks and pens, but for some things I actually prefer the feel of a stylus (which is weird in the art community, I know). So, I’ve had my eye on bigger format phones that use styluses for a while. I’m not the kind of guy who ever buys anything new. So, when Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note 5 recently, I was finally able to afford a Galaxy Note 4!

I can’t stop. I love this thing! I’ve started up an Instagram account to post my dumb pictures (I use “dumb” in the most endearing way), so follow me there: @hepworthwhile  Pretty much every drawing there is something I’ve drawn before, and most of them have appeared on this blog in some form. What can I say? I like drawing the same things over and over. If Instagram isn’t your thing, worry not. I’ll probably post a few updates of my favorites here periodically.

Now, here are a few images to entice you to click through to that Instagram gallery link:


Louie the Laughing Jellybean




Frank, the Carton of Milk

And Many More!

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