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186: Halloween Door Monster

October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! Here’s a monster I made.

Megan mentioned we needed something to indicate we’re celebrating Halloween. Our door is kind of industrial and boring, and we were worried trick-or-treaters might not show up. And then I’d have to eat all this candy myself.


So, I went to the garage and found a small gardening rake and a wooden box I had built for some project a long time ago. Never throw anything out, kids.


After a few screws right through the plastic handle, I was happy with the way it stuck out.


I wrapped it in some monster fur I had on hand (everybody has some monster fur laying around, right?), and stuffed it a bit with some polyfil to disguise the handle. No sewing for this project, I just wrapped and hot glued. Boom! Monster arm! Complete with dirty fingernails!


Thanks to a friend, I also have some enormous googly eyes lying around. The head is just some fur glued quickly in place, with some stuffing behind it to round it out.



I did, at one point, put some angry eyebrows on him, because I thought he was too cute. But, the eyebrows made him genuinely a little too scary, so I took them off again. I ended up giving the arm a quick haircut to define the claws more, and to reveal more of the box frame.


Trick or treat! Keen viewers might notice a different house. More on that later… probably.

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