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17: Insta-nips

July 14, 2010

Hey you! Yeah you with that drab jacket.

Your wardrobe could use some pizazz! Why, just imagine if you threw a couple of these puppies on your lapel. The ladies go wild for ’em.

…and speaking of ladies. You gals can pin on a pair of Insta-nips® for a guaranteed double-take. They spice up any swimwear, that’s for certain.

But why stop there? Porn up your favorite purse or bag. Wear them on the back of your clothes to confuse your enemies. Hide embarrassing nipple piercings at pool parties.

How many times have you needed to display your nipples, but been too cold to take off your shirt? Problem solved! They attach with our patented “Standard Pinback Thingy”® so you can be sure they’ll stay securely in place.

So, next time you need some quick attention, ask for them by name. I’ll have a pair of Insta-nips®, please.

If you have your own button maker and want to print your own, just leave me a message and I’ll upload a PDF file for you. Of course, if you do that, I’m going to need pictures.

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